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Born in 1969 Thushara Kurera hails from a political family from the Ja-Ela Township and is the second born of Noel Kurera (businessman and JP) and Concy Perera. He has two sisters and one brother. His dream was to become an airline pilot or engineer.Attending Christ King College Thudella for his primary education,he moved to St.Peters College Colombo for advanced studies and subsequently to Italy in pursuance of an external degree in engineering and electronics.

The idea of starting a Television Channel first crossed his mind while working for media institutions in Italy. Thushara, who had an excellent understanding of television technology met with Krishanthi who also loved the same technology. Due to the adverse image created internationally regarding Sri Lanka, they decided that there was an immense necessity to initiate a Sinhala television channel internationally. It was a time when Sri Lanka was demonized globally due to three decades of terrorism. Tamil satellite channels transmitting worldwide had ensured that. Sri Lankans domiciled abroad had no way of knowing what was happening in their homeland.

This challenge was taken up by Thushara. Accordingly in 2005 Arasakulasuriya Anton Thushara Kurera created history by becoming the only Sri Lankan to create the one and only Sri Lankan Sinhala international TV channel that transmitted 24/7 to more than 170 countries. However, operations became difficult due to disruptions by those within the very channel itself. Such disturbances once resulted in the loss of all employees. Despite such turmoil with foresight and patience, Thushara managed to recommence transmitting within a few hours with the assistance of Italians.

“When I launched Sri TV I sensed that I would be able to uphold and establish the individuality of all Sri Lankans amongst the world community. I believe that my being an engineer and my living in Italy (a country that initiated television technology after Japan) assisted me in attaining my goal. I have faith that Sri TV will be crowned the global Sri Lankan national channel which is my next goal. Through Sri TV it has been possible to provide Sri Lankans living worldwide meaningful satisfaction. It was also possible to protect and exhibit to the world our culture, civilization and identity. Additionally Sri TV has been able to strengthen and provide meaning to the lives of our staff.”

Thushara is ever grateful for the commitment exhibited by the Sri TV staff on behalf of their channel. At present Sri TV covers 2/3s of the world. May Sri TV be the Sri Lankan & rsquo;s international channel able to give a message to the entire world within moments.

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With its beginning inside a small room, Sri TV today is a renowned channel transmitted across the world and is now reaching its seventh year on air. It was Warnakulasuriya Krishanthi Fernando that was instrumental in laying a strong foundation for the channel since its inception.

Born in Periyamulla Negombo, she is an only child. She began her education in Loyela College in Negombo, followed by Vishaka Balika College in Bandarawela and finally reached Ave Maria Convent for her higher studies.After completing her higher studies Krishanthi moved overseas. True to her courageous nature Krishanthi was even able to found a printing establishment in 2001 while residing in Italy.

After her marriage to Thushara, they dreamt of establishing a TV channel targeted for Sri Lankan’s living overseas. To fulfill their dream, Krishanthi began her Diploma in Television. In December 2005 their dream became a reality as Sri TV was launched taking the identity of Sri Lanka to the world. As a woman Krishanthi faced many challenges, as many called her attempts impractical.

At other times she was at the receiving end of many jokes and insults. Enduring all this and with unwavering strength and resilience,

she continued towards making her dream of Sri TV become a reality. Sri TV began transmitting at a time when Sri Lankan’s living abroad could not receive any news about their motherland standing out as a channel that provided a great community service for the Sri Lankan Diaspora. Krishanthi sported the same smile of victory on that day as she does today. Defying all challenges, Krishanthi had this to say: “Many say that I have faced difficult decisions and challenges in my life. Yet I believe I faced these challenges and made sacrifices gladly for the love of Sri TV.

In every drop of sweat I shed I saw the success of Sri TV. Since I had no considerable knowledge of television I educated myself about it. Because of this I quickly learned the do’s and don’ts about television. It is this knowledge that lead to the beginning and success of SriTV & rdquo;. As Sri TV celebrates its 7th year anniversary, she proudly gives her thanks and heartfelt gratitude to the staff of Sri TV who have been like a family to her.

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